Backflow Services...

Garrison Plumbing Services, our professional licensed technicians will test your backflow device, send test reports to the water purveyor and e-mail you a copy. The tests are normally completed within 5-10 work days from receipt of the order. Consider, there are over 10,000 reported cases of backflow contamination each year. Some cases can be fatal. Protect yourself and the community water supply with annual testing as required by Local and Texas authorities.

Inspection and Maintenance...

To keep your backflow system in top working order, Garrison Plumbing Services offers inspection, testing and maintenance programs in accordance with all required state and local health department regulations. Our technicians are fully licensed and state-certified to test and service backflow devices in Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q) What is a backflow device.
A) A backflow device keeps potentially contaminated water from flowing back into the drinking water system

Q) Why do I need to have my backflow device tested?
A) State and Federal laws mandate backflow devices be tested to safeguard the public water supply.

Q) What happens after my device is tested?
A) We will forward copies of your test reports to your water provider to verify testing compliance.

Q) What if my device fails?
A) If your device fails we will give you a quote to repair it or refer you to another contractor
if you prefer.

Q) Do I need to be home to have my device tested?
A) No, You only need to be there if the device is located inside your home or behind a locked gate.

Q) What if I don’t test my device?
A) If your device is not tested your water provider may shut off your water, asses civil penalties or order
an enforcement test at your location and add the cost to your water bill.